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Blinds with excellent service and quality

We deliver high quality blinds in Spain for a good price but with excellent service too !

Often low price offers lead to bad service levels, which inevitably can lead to disappointment and wasted money.

We believe that service is important for making the right choice when investing in a quality blinds product for your home.

Therefore at we give the good service you deserve , for all different kind of blinds , and expect in your home country whilst offering products at attractive prices.

We can deliver and fit for you:


A new product is the duo also called day and night blinds , or our plisse ,pleated blinds we sell alot.


We can visit your home and show all our types of blinds and different fabrics  all over the Costa Blanca , from Denia to San Javier we have agents who will visit you and can give advise in the best blinds for your windows.

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We have a wide range of blinds factories where we order our blinds

This gives you , our client, more choices in

– all kinds of types of blinds for every place , wall or room a special blind possible

– kitchen blinds

The kitchen is an important place of your home, so it’s really important to make sure every cm of this space is filled with light during the day, while remaining cosy and warm at night.

– bathroom blinds

Complete your bathroom windows with a stylish yet practical roller blind. Choose from our range of 400colours and patterns to bring a little new look to your bathroom. Each roller blind is made to measure by factories experts, guaranteeing quality and functionality for years to come.

– bedroom blinds

Bedroom blinds are very important to keep sometimes light and  keep heat out. You can do this with vertical blinds , PVC or fabric , a very other good solution are rollerblinds with or without sidegliding.

– livingroom blinds

We also placed a blind to seperate two rooms for example a kitchen with a livingroom

– fabrics on several blinds

– different types of rails for your blinds

– delivery times

  • 25 years experience
  • High quality
  • various colours possible
  • all sizes possible
  • Plain colours
  • patterned fabrics
  • light translucent or totally NOT translucent fabrics
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