Blue Line system

Vertical blinds have adjustable fabric slats pivoting in the head rail. They are not only designed for shading windows, but also for partitioning large areas, such as offices, shops, or areas in schools and hospitals. They are also suitable for use in slope openings and for double-height windows (e.g. balcony windows).

Product description:


  • They consist of  freely hanging fabric slats that partially overlap.
  • Individual slats are inserted into the head rail.
  • The slat width is optional, either 127 mm, or 89 mm.
  • In the bottom section, the slats are interconnected with a chain that ensures their correct position.
  • Protective elements for the safety of children to prevent strangulation of a child


  • The head rail is anchored by means of clip fasteners to the ceiling, or to the wall with brackets.


  • Select the fabric for the interior blind from our fabrics sample collection.


  • Using a chain and string. The chain ensures tilting of the fabric slats, the string makes them open or close laterally.
  • For double-height blinds on one head rail, each blind is operated separately.
  • You can select from 5 different ways to close the blinds.

Limit dimensions

Min. width Max. width Max. height Max. area
15 cm 400 cm 400 cm 16 m2