Vertical blind slope

Outside rollerscreen

Dimout rollerblind behind curtain

Vertical blinds in conservatory

Dimout rollerblind brown with brown components

Pleated blinds ceiling in conservatory

What different expressions in the indoor awnings are there?

slats-these can be horizontal or vertical parts are that we can cover a window, these parts can have different widths and also consist of different materials such as wood, pvc and aluminum or exist.

blinds-aluminum or wood horizontal blinds in various widths available 15 25 35 or 50 mm

cassette tray – above the awning rolled up is going to be such a cassette in which the substance may be composed of several colors exist control-the opening and closing of the awning can be applied to various different ways: chains, strings, stick or electric


, touwtjes , stok of  electrisch

Is there for a window of plastic or aluminum special Sun protection?

Yes for tilt-; turn, turn-stolp-there are several different Windows within blinds products possible.

Horizontal blinds
Roller blinds
Vertical slats