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Varieta mini / Varieta – ZEBRA

The interior fabric roller blind Varieta mini / Varieta is a high-tech roller blind of a great design. The system itself offers a wide range of options – brackets, assembly rail, three types of boxes, there is also side guiding that can be selected either in the wire or using guide rails. The roller blind is anchored onto the wall or ceiling, either above the window opening or into the window opening. The roller blind comes in three colours – white, gray + silver anodized, shiny chrome. Varieta mini is controlled by the chain with a weight, for the Variety type the motor control can be used. Both Varietas also allow an exclusive design with a fabric of the Zebra type.



Product description:


  • Aluminium shaft 30mm in diameter (Varieta mini), 42mm (Varieta)
  • In our offer you can find following types of Varieta mini/ Varieta roller blinds:
    • Version on brackets – the shaft with the fabric is visible.
    • Version with the assembly rail (P) – the roller blind contains a special underlying profile by means of which it is installed on the wall or ceiling.
    • Version with the box – (PK) – the fabric is protected in the design box.
    • Version with the ZEBRA system – thanks to a special fabric with strips with dual light transmittance it allows to regulate the intensity of light in the interior. The fabric can  be set so as to achieve a partial or full shading by merging the strips.
  • The fabric is freely hanging, or guided in wire/rails.
  • Thanks to the brake, the roller blind can be stopped in any position.
  • The fabric is edged with a bottom rail.
  • Protective elements for the safety or children to prevent strangulation.
  • Colour versions: white, grey + silver anodized, or shiny chrome.


  • The widest range of fabrics s, comprising a total of 317 fabrics.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of unicolour, design or technical fabrics


  • The roller blind can be controlled by means of a chain or a motor.

Limit dimensions

Type at least Max. width Max. Max. height accord. to the fabric thickness Max. area
Varieta mini
40 cm 200 cm 200 – 280 cm 5.6 m2
Varieta mini – Zebra
40 cm 200 cm 160 – 250 cm 5 m2
40 cm 300 cm 300 – 350 cm 10.5 m2
Varieta Zebra
40 cm 300 cm 280 – 300 cm 9 m2