Electric without wiring on batteries

Without wires, the easy-to-fit motor drive for roller blinds, indoor blinds.





Wireless motor for retractable window decoration inside, such as roller blinds and duo roller blinds. Fits in roller blind tubes from 28 mm.The high quality engine with 5 year warranty.It can be operated remotely and is easy to adjust.The motor is suitable for roller blinds with a maximum fabric size of 6 m2



Simple, effortless and comfortable

• Quiet operation

• Open or close your window decoration effortlessly and remotely thanks to the radio control

• Move your blind to your favorite “my” position with one clickEquipped with the RTS protocol for more benefits

• Part of the home automation system

• Control multiple RTS products with one remote control

• Operation with a PC, smart phone or tablet is optionalOptimal integration

• Wireless system, so install without damaging the walls.

• With remote control or wall switch



Wireless roller blind motor with battery drive

  • Powered by batteries (rechargeable or lithium), solar pack or plug adapter.

Compatible with all RTS remote controls

  • The RTS receiver is integrated in the motor.
  • Operate with RTS remote controls
  • Can also be operated via a special box with a tablet, smartphone or PC
  • Send your window decoration to your favorite position with one click.
  • Sun and temperature sensor


Without wires

  • For faster installation.
  • Batteries installed in the home

·         The battery sleeve provides the power for the roller blind with the batteries.·

1 x charging gives you a month or 6 fun, so you do not have to recharge often.·

Charging is easiest with the special charger, which ensures that you do not have to remove the batteries from the           case.

You can find this charger at the “related products” at the bottom of the page.

·         The batteries are also included and they are 10 pieces in the Nimh version, for an extra large capacity.

So you do not have to recharge the batteries as quickly.·

The sleeve comes with mounting clips, so you can mount it both horizontally and vertically.


Technical features


Type product :                                          Blind up to 6m2

Nominal voltage / frequency:                 12Vdc battery

Radio frequency :                                    433,42 MHz

Safetyindex :                                            IP 30

Isolation classe :                                      III

Turningspeed :                                         28 tours per minute


Blinds in group with motors on battery